Game Gear TFT Screen Mod

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Like i did with the Sega Nomad i also installed a tft display into the Gamegear. This was not as easy as with the nomad because of the missing composite signal…

Wow .. Sega Gamegear,.. Color Display,.. Backlight … as kids we were completly amazed.. but to be honest,.. the screen looks like crap, and the batteries were empty before you passed the game intro… Besides this i love the Game Gear, therefore i wanted to install a TFT Screen. At the time of writing there was only one good solution in existence: the GGTV Board, which converts the Game Gear video signal to Composite and RGB which may then be used on a TV or a cheap chinese TFT Display. So i grabbed a Game Gear, got rid of the f*** smd caps, installed the GGTV Board and the Display. Unfortunately this Boards supports fullscreen only on Master System titles,. game gear games are displayed with a large border.. But it was ok at this time… Later with the McWill Display Mod a FullScreen Mod was provided getting out the best of the Game Gear. 

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