[Tutorial]: Repair a unresponsive Commodore SX64 Keyboard

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this article is dedicated to all the lucky ones wich own a commodore SX64. but most of them may have the problem, that after some time the keyboard isnt’t responding anymore (all or some keys). In this case, the keyboard needs some cleaning. here i would like to describe you how to do this…

first of all you have to disassembly the keyboard housing. there are 4 clips on the bottom side of the keyboard which have to be gently pressed (with a flat screwdriver for example). remember, this is real old plastic, so avoid breaking this.

P1040050 P1040051 P1040052


head on with all the screws besides the space bar. After this, lift up the keyboard and take care of the 2 screws for the connector



after this you can pop out the keybard. turn it over and start popping out every single key. this is done by pressing the clips of the keys gently (every key has 2 of them, except the space-bar witch has 4)

P1040054 P1040055 P1040057 P1040058


next take some ear-tips and alcohol or better a window cleaning spray and start cleaning all of the metal contacts on the green board. also the connector contacts should be cleaned. 

Next turn over the foil to see the black dots. clean them all. Please do this gently to avoid damage to the foil and the contacts. 

next i took some graphite spray to rebuild the connector on the foil by simply applying some of the graphite to the contacts (this is the same material like the original contacts or the spots on the foil)

P1040059 P1040060 P1040061 P1040062


P1040063 P1040064 P1040065 P1040066 P1040067


now put everything togehter in reverse order like described above and test the results,.. mine was working fine ! good luck !!!



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